Boeing HH-47 CSAR Mock-up

This Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) mockup, given to the museum by Boeing, consists of a CH-47 Chinook airframe without the forward and aft pylons, engines or transmissions. It was utilized as an engineering mockup demonstrator for the U.S. Air Force CSAR-X competition.

The airframe was initially a CH-47 medium transport helicopter, accumulating three 248 aircraft hours in 14 years of service in several U.S. Army units. Later, it became the first aircraft inducted into the MH-47D program, and then modified for Special Operations Forces.

In September, 2005, the airframe started its third life as the engineering mockup demonstrator for the CSAR-X competition. It was on tour with
Boeing from November, 2005, to March, 2009, and travelled 20,420 miles in nine states.

Although Boeing won the CSAR­ X competition, the Air Force subsequently cancelled the program and the mockup aircraft was donated to the Museum for display.

Rotor Diameter 60 ft.

Number of Blades 3/rotor

Fuselage Length 52 ft. 1 in.

Empty Weight 23,400 lb.

Gross Weight 50,000 lb.

Cruise Speed 130 kt/149 mph

Max. Speed 170 kt/196 mph

Range 400 NM/450 miles

Powerplant 2 Lycoming/Honeywell T55-GA-714A

Horsepower 4,777 hp/engine

Aircraft Specifications

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The Boeing Company