Boeing Model 360

Built in 1987 the Boeing Model 360 was a technology demonstrator as well as a new model for manufacturing methodology. There was a large effort to streamline the helicopter to reduce drag in order to increase speed. This included a fully retractable landing gear.

The Model 360 was designed with high-strength, lightweight composite materials that make up almost all of the airframe's structure and many dynamic components. The fuselage skeleton is covered with load­ bearing Kevlar and Nomex honeycomb skin and crown panels that eliminate corrosion and reduce air­ frame empty weight by approximately 25 percent. Compared with metal construction, the rotor hubs have 60 percent fewer parts, and the airframe has 83% fewer fasteners.

The Model 360 reached a maximum forward speed of 246 mph, just short of setting a new world record for helicopters.


Aircraft Specifications

Rotor Diameter: 
50 ft. (4 blades per rotor)
Fuselage Length: 
51 ft.
Maximum Speed: 
246 mph
Cruise Speed: 
218 mph
Empty Weight: 
30,500 lbs.
2 Lycoming AL 5512 turboshaft engines. Horsepower 4200 hp. each