Galaxie XRG-65 Glaticopter

Galaxie Engineering Company Newtown Square, PA

First Flight 1959

Single place

Acquisition Source: E.W. Glatfelter Donation

The XRG‑65 Glaticopter, developed by Edward W. Glatfelter of Galaxie Engineering Company, Newtown Square, PA is a one‑of-a-kind research helicopter intended to evaluate new ideas in rotor control and drive systems.

The main rotor is a two‑bladed, teetering type using a large universal joint as center. Cyclic pitch is effected indirectly by use of a servo­rotor consisting of two servo blades arranged at 90° to the main blades. Both main and tail rotors are driven by multiple V‑belt drives.

The fuselage is of welded steel tube construction, and the main rotor blades are FiberdyneTM tapered, non‑linearly twisted featuring the fail‑safe root end "wrap‑around‑a‑fitting" principle.

Powered by a 65 HP Continental A‑65 engine, the XRG‑65 employs a number of specialized components from unique sources and was first flown in 1959. Flight testing continued through 1963. Only one aircraft was ever built and flown.

Photograph (XRG‑65)

The Glaticopter ready for take‑off

Aircraft Specifications

Rotor Diameter: 
25 ft. 8 in
Fuselage Length: 
20 ft.
Maximum Speed: 
75 mph
Cruise Speed: 
65 mph
7 ft. 6 in
Empty Weight: 
675 lbs.
Gross Weight: 
880 lbs.
65 hp Continental A 65