Hughes AH-6J Light Attack Helicopter

AH-6J Light Attack Helicopter Special Operations Aircraft

The MH-6J is a highly modified version of the Hughes 500 series of commercial helicopters. It carries up to six combat troops and their equipment on external seats, allowing for rapid insertion and extraction of special operations forces. Its small size allows it to land on roofs and narrow streets, something that the larger MH-60 Black Hawk cannot do.

It can be transported on any Air Force transport aircraft for rapid deployment. It is also used for command and control and reconnaissance missions.

Painted black for night time operations, the aircraft on display has been recreated from parts as the MH-6J used in the 1989 Operation “Just Cause,” whereby the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) “Night Stalkers” rescued imprisoned American Kurt Muse in Panama.

Aircraft Specifications

Rotor Diameter: 
27 ft. 5in.
Fuselage Length: 
24 ft. 7 in.
Maximum Speed: 
175 mph
Cruise Speed: 
155 mph
Empty Weight: 
1,591 lbs.
Gross Weight: 
3,950 lbs.
1 x Allison T-63-A-5A
Acquisition Source: 
U.S. Army Special Operations Command