Hughes AH-6J Light Attack Helicopter

AH-6J Light Attack Helicopter Special Operations Aircraft

Mission:  Rapidly deploy as a part of a Special Operations Task Force to conduct attacks against preplanned targets and close air support for special operations forces worldwide. Execute TOT +/-30 seconds in all environments

Endurance:  3 Hours, 17 minutes

Planning Airspeed:  80 knots

Communications Equipment:  SATCOM (AN/ARC-210),  Multi Band 182, VHR AM/FM (AN/ARC-186), SABRE-II

Transportability:    Rapid deployability on all USAF transport aircraft(C-5, C-17, C-130), Shipboard Operations

Systems/Equipment:  Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), Trimble 3100 GPS, Argus 7000 HIS, TACAN

Armament:   7.62mm “Minigun,” 2.75 inch Rockets, Hellfire, GAU19.50 Cal Machine Gun

Aircraft Survivability Equipment:  APR 39(V) 1, Radar warning system

Aircraft Specifications

Maximum Speed: 
152 knots
Gross Weight: 
3,950 lbs.