Parsons Super Mac II

Gyroplane pioneer Bill Parsons developed his first tandem-seat trainer in 1985 from a Bensen B-8M Gyrocopter in response to numerous accidents in learning to fly single-seat gyrocopters. His original trainer NWP54 is the one on display and was used to train over 600 pilots.

Learning to fly a gyroplane is quite demanding. Previous to this aircraft, learning to fly on a dual control aircraft, such as a McCulloch J-2, was an expensive option, so flight training might typically have included being towed to altitude on a rope behind a truck, followed by free-flight autorotation down. However, free-flight and powered flight require different pilot responses, hence the accidents and the value of training on the Parsons Super Mac II.

Information Source: From Autogyro to Gyroplane by Bruce H. Charnov

Acquisition Source: H.F. Smith donation