RotorWay Scorpion

RotorWay Aircraft Inc.

Two seats

The RotorWay Scorpion II was designed by B .J. Schramm and manufactured in kit form in 1971. RotorWay Aircraft Co. was located in Arizona and sold these kits for $6,924.50 in 1971. The Scorpion II is a two seat machine with an Evinrude 4 cylinder, 125 horsepower engine.

Model 133

Rotor Diameter: 24 ft.

Gross Weight: 1125 lbs. (435 lbs. Payload)

Engine: 140 hp

Speed: 75 mph

Acquisition Source (Yellow): James G. Sharp

Acquisition Source (Green): William E. Pohlmann (Lt. Col. Ret.)


Model II (Black) Currently out on Loan

Engine: Evinrude, 125 hp. 4 cylinder, 2 Cycle

Acquisition Source: Lew Pinnella