RotorWay Scorpions

RotorWay Aircraft Inc.

Two seats

The RotorWay Scorpion II was designed by B.J. Schramm and manufactured in kit form in 1971. RotorWay Aircraft Co. was located in Arizona and sold these kits for $6,924.50 in 1971. The Scorpion II is a two-seat machine with an Evinrude, 4-cylinder, 125 horsepower engine.

Model 133 (Yellow and Green)

Rotor Diameter: 24 ft.

Gross Weight: 1,125 lbs. (435 lbs. Payload)

Engine: RotorWay 140 hp

Speed: 75 mph

Acquisition Source (Yellow): James G. Sharp

Acquisition Source (Green): William E. Pohlmann (Lt. Col. Ret.)

Model II (Pearl Blue)

Engine: Evinrude, 125 hp, 4 cylinder, 2 Cycle

Acquisition Source: Lew Pinnella