Bob Beggs

Picture of Bob Beggs

Robert (Bob) Beggs is a co-founder of the American Helicopter Museum and has served on the Board of Trustees since 1993.  Bob worked with the Rotorcraft Division of The Boeing Company for 31 years.  He served in multiple leadership positions in cockpit design, logistics and research & development.  Bob also managed the Boeing university relations program for the northeast region of the United States.  He is active in the American Helicopter Society Int'l (AHS) and served as Chairman of the AHS Crewstation & Human Factors and History Technical Committees.  In 2011, Bob was awarded the AHS John J. Schneider Award for distinguished achievement in encouraging appreciation of, and enhancing access to, the history and legacy of vertical flight aviation.  Bob served in the U.S. Coast Guard prior to graduating from Carnegie Mellon University.  He acquired his MBA from Eastern University in 2000.  In 2014, Bob retired from Boeing and became the Executive Director of Good Works, Inc. a home repair ministry in Chester County, PA.