Brendan Corrigan

I have been happily married for 10 years and am the proud father of four boys.  I received my bachelors of science for the Pennsylvania State University Collage of Aerospace Engineering in 2002.  Directly out of college I began my professional career in Princeton New Jersey working for a small unmanned aerial vehicle design company.  I left to take a position at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in Savanah Georgia working in the preliminary design performance group on what is now the G250.  My career with Sikorsky started in August of 2005 with Keystone Helicopter Corporation (KHC).  At that time, KHC was an independent corporation whose contracts included work for Sikorsky.  I was hired as a Certification Engineer and was assigned to work on the completion of S/N 920009.  The success of S/N 920009 was a key contributor for Sikorsky purchasing KHC a few years later and led to me being appointed the Lead Certification Engineer for the S-92A.  After the purchase of KHC by Sikorsky, I assisted in the transition of KeyTech (KHC engineering department) into a Sikorsky engineering division.  My main areas of assignment were focused upon transitioning the KHC Designated Authorization Station (DAS) from a Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO) support group to a completions support group.  At the same time, the FAA transitioned from a DAS to an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).  KHC received the first ODA in the New York Aircraft Certification Office (NYACO) and the 3rd in the entire nation.  Since then the Sikorsky certification office has transitioned from a dual ODA (Sikorsky ODA and KHC/SGH ODA) to a single ODA allowing the KHC ODA to sunset in March 2013. Through the many transitions and special assignments, I have remained the Lead Certification Engineer for the S-92A here in Coatesville.  In that capacity I oversee the certification needs of our customers (Quality and Operations) to ensure their schedules are maintained with positive Market Feedback Analysis meeting ACE Gold requirements.  In October 2011 I received my ODA Unit Membership (UM) delegation under the SGH ODA in the Systems Mechanical discipline for interior compliance inspection (for 14 CFR §27 & §29).  I was added to the Sikorsky ODA for the same delegation as part of the transition and maintain that delegation today.  In March 2014 my responsibilities in the ODA were expended when I was added as an ODA Administrator.  ODA Administrators are focal points for the ODA holder (Sikorsky) responsible for managing the ODA unit’s activities and communicating with the FAA.