Derek Hart

Derek Hart

Aerospace Consultant — Airframe/Structures Engineering and Program Management. Chinook Service Engineering and Product Support.

Derek S. Hart was named program manager for the V-22 Low Rate Initial Production programs at Boeing ISDS Philadelphia Division in August, 1997. He came to the position after having served in many other management positions throughout the Philadelphia Division. He retired from Boeing in October, 1998.

Since 1966, when he joined Boeing, Hart's responsibilities have included Lead Design Engineer on the CH-46E airframe; Lead Design Engineer and Supervisor of the CH-47D Model/Model 234; Supervisor for the Model 360 Airframe Design; and Chief of Structures Design—Helicopters. In 1985 during the V-22 FSD, Hart was Structures Project Engineer, Off-site (Texas) Engineering Manager and System Design Manager.

He became Deputy Program Manager of U.S. Army CH-47 Programs in March of 1991 and Program Manager in June of 1992. 

In 1995 following the end of the US Army Chinook deliveries, he was reassigned to the V-22 program as Test Manager and later as the Off-site Texas Base Director, later to be named V-22 LRIP Program Manager.

Prior to his Boeing experience, he completed a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship with Westland Aircraft (1954-1959).
In 1960 he joined Beagle Aircraft as a design engineer and contributed in the design of the B2065 and the Beagle pup aircraft.

Hart received his Higher National Mechanical Engineering degree from UEI London. He is a member and past director of the American Helicopter Society (AHS) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He also completed Defense Systems Acquisition Management courses at USC and taught V-22 Engineering Case Studies at CIT Pasadena, CA.