Dragonfly Pictures Dragonfly DP-4

The DP-4 is an early rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It was designed to be operated by a two-man team as an autonomous system that could provide tactical reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting information to small forward deployed units.

The aircraft's endurance was two hours, and its approximate cost was $135,000.

Acquisition source: Dragonfly Pictures

Length:  8.5 ft.
Height:  2.75 ft.
Width:  2.0 ft.
Diameter of Rotor:  8.5 ft.
Endurance:  2 hrs.
Max Speed:  70 mph
Cruise Speed:  45 mph
Max Altitude:  10,000 ft.
Empty Weight:  90 lbs.
Payload:  45 lbs.