AHMEC Recognizes Manned Multicopter During Annual Gala

AHMEC bestowed its prestigious Achievement Award during its annual gala fundraiser on Saturday evening, April 22 to German-based e-volo GmbH for the successful manned flight of its Volocopter VC200. Alex Zosel, evolo GmbH’s managing director, made history by piloting the lightweight fiber composite multicopter over a field in Southern Germany last March. The Volocopter, an aerial vehicle designed for urban mobility, was extremely easy to fly due to its innovative flight control.

“The Volocopter employs technology with its 18 rotors powered by electric motors,” explained Bob Beggs, Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus of AHMEC. “It is truly a transformational vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. The design is simple, safe and green, which offers great potential for future air mobility.

“(AHMEC’s) Achievement Award is recognizing the first successful manned flight of the Volocopter on March 30, 2016, but celebrates its unique and innovative design.”

Congratulations, e-volo, and thanks for your amazing contribution to rotary wing aviation!