Mission and Vision


The American Helicopter Museum & Education Center’s mission is to Preserve rotary-wing aviation history, Educate society on helicopters and their missions & Inspire future generations. We will collect, preserve, research, publish and exhibit the objects, artifacts and documents relating to the origins and development of rotary-wing aircraft. We accomplish this through an active schedule of public educational programs, exhibitions, events, air shows, workshops and publications designed to teach the principles of flight, celebrate the pioneers of aviation and encourage and inspire future generations of engineers, scientists, innovators, pilots, mechanics and inventors!


To be the preeminent rotorcraft museum and education center in the United States and widely recognized as a major tourist destination in the mid-east region. The American Helicopter Museum and Education Center is envisioned as an enterprise that:

  • Preserves and showcases Rotorcraft and related artifacts using displays that interpret each item's unique history and contributions to science and society.
  • Shares the wonder of vertical flight through exciting, immersive, multi-sensory experiences that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and promotes repeat visitation.
  • Operates in a fiscally responsible manner, well endowed by corporate and individual investors and annual operating revenues offset operating costs.
  • Engages in active public education and outreach programs through K-12 programs, seminars, events and a presence on the world wide web.
  • Operates a publicly accessible rotorcraft restoration and preservation facility chartered to execute a collection strategy and prepares artifacts for public display.
  • Provides a safe, clean, comfortable, service-oriented environment that enhances guest experience, attracts business and improves staff effectiveness and morale.